Fuller and better shaped brows are what many woman want, but the long term commitment and the price tag of microblading can be hard to accept for many. This is where henna eyebrow tinting comes in – It is great compromise in situations like this – for beautifully shaped and fuller brows without staining the skin long term.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is the perfect way to achieve natural-looking dramatic lashes and beautifully sculputed and toned eyebrows with minimum effort. For an all-natural, low-maintenance and long-lasting eyelash tinting dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested refectocil-sensitive plant extract-based tints can be used.

Eyelash tinting with plant based tints is a quick three-minute application that is great for sensitive eyes. It can deliver spectacular results that last up to six weeks. In addition the plant-based lash tinting treatment is also non-irritating and vegan.

Quick application, natural and non-irritating

Henna eyebrow tinting – In the case of henna tinting, the skin beneath the brow hairs is stained – this will cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth in that area, creating the desired shape of the brow.

Similar to permanent makeup in that it boasts long-lasting results, Henna does not leave unwanted reddish tones on the skin or hair. Henna eyebrow tint offer rich colour and definition, and most importantly the tone of the tint can be customised and refined to create a perfect solution for you. Henna is a natural dye, prepared from the henna tree, mignonette tree and the Egyption privet. It has been used in India for thousands of years – for body painting and temporary tattoes, as well as fabric and hair dying.

For eyebrow tinting, consider vegan henna tinting – it eyebrows great shape and definition, leaving them looking full, healthy and perfectly toned.

The process for henna brows is simple, natural, clean and most importantly – suitable for everyone.